The Goa You Don’t Know About

Having traveled to Goa multiple times, working and living there for about two years, struggling to find a well paying job there, I have strolled around the Goan streets, met enough people to know that Goa is gifted in more ways than just beautiful coastlines, cheap beer, fish – curry and psy-trance and….. This time, […]

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The Indian Surf Story

The Indian Surf Story Well, who says you can’t surf in India. Our beloved motherland is a paradise gifted with more than 7000 Kms of coastline. Oh Yeah!! Within these 7000 Kms (4000+ miles) there are more than 20 identified surf spots – some well known and while the others, lesser known. Over the years, many […]

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We all know Manipal and it’s universities. What we don’t know is beyond the college going aspirational swarm of youth, hanging in the dark, shady and the only pubs of the town across their perfect college campuses, lies a virgin tropical village, surrounded by rivers, backwaters, beaches, peninsula, islands, culture, heritage, ayurveda, art and surf. Since my brother was there pursuing his dream […]

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Hampi – A strange and familiar home… You know that feeling when you go back to a place after a few years and find it hard to recognize the place? Well Hampi is one place that has frozen in time and resisted any such changes! Time still stands still in Hampi! Things never change in […]

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Rishikesh Workshop

  Travel to discover, your passionate side. The side that is always idle, that you always thought would do something, someday. That voice that keeps telling you that you can, that you will and that you should.. Travel with us for we will bring out that side in each one of you. Travel to bring […]

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Srinagar –  Magic in the Dal Lake. We all know, over the years Srinagar has developed to become a suburb. There has been a huge influx of tourists for the last couple of decades. I grew up listening to the stories about the beauty of Srinagar. It’s where my grandparents went for their honeymoon and […]

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I began a month long journey with nine other people and man it was… Here is a memoir from this little village of Kashmir Valley

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