What do you dream about?
What is that one thing that drives your life?
What will be that one thing that defines you?
I don’t have one.
I have a lot more than one.
Life is too short to be wasted on just a few dreams.
They say you can only do this much in a lifetime, but I say otherwise.
Life’s a grand buffet, take a bite from every plate.
I’m a water baby, but I wanna climb a mountain too.
I’m an advertiser, but I wanna be an oceanographer too.
I make art, but I wanna construct homes too.
I wanna be multi-talented and learn everything that interests me.
Whats wrong in being a jack of all trades and master of some?
Why settle with a handful? Why stop? Why limit? Why choose?
Chase them all. Live them all. And die realizing them all.

Small town girl, daughter of an agriculturalist and a teacher, sister of a foodie chef. Nature lover, outdoorsy, fitness enthusiast, animal lover, passionately inclined towards films, music, adventure sports, motorsports & sustainable lifestyles. Loves to travel, learning a new skill each time. Jack of all trades & master of some. Loves to cook and eat healthily. Talks less & does more. Average people skills – enough to survive. Amateur writer, expert visualiser. Prefers to stay at home & watch films than partying and dining out. Strangely attracted to insects and reptiles. Waterbaby, daydreamer, a hobbyist photographer, filmmaker of nomadic ambitions, a spiritual seeker, strong believer, moon child, water lover, tree lover, tree hugger, turned vegetarian, overly fascinated by tribal music. Sworn for a lifetime to serve two self-righteous cats. Not a talker but a listener. Hadn’t watched TV in past 5 years. More comfortable outside the comfort zone, always eager to learn & explore something new.


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  1. Shreyash shah says:

    I am tourism counsoultant , i need your advice , please call me .. beacuse I don’t have your contact details


    1. 911rash says:

      Hi, please email me at 911rash@gmail.com


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