Rishikesh Workshop

  Travel to discover, your passionate side. The side that is always idle, that you always thought would do something, someday. That voice that keeps telling you that you can, that you will and that you should.. Travel with us for we will bring out that side in each one of you. Travel to bring…


Srinagar –  Magic in the Dal Lake. We all know, over the years Srinagar has developed to become a suburb. There has been a huge influx of tourists for the last couple of decades. I grew up listening to the stories about the beauty of Srinagar. It’s where my grandparents went for their honeymoon and…


I began a month long journey with nine other people and man it was… Here is a memoir from this little village of Kashmir Valley

Rishikesh – Yoga

On the event of the first ever International Day of Yoga, I want to share my journey from being an Advertising wizard to a Yogini and back. This World Yoga Day, let’s oath to bring yoga back to our lives, back to our culture and preserve it as it deserves to be.


A tropical highland on the tip of Kerala. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  Ibn Battuta. Ever since I heard the word about Varkala, I wanted to be there. Coincidentally, one of my best friends was getting married in her ancestral town Kochi (Cochin), Kerala. It gave me a perfect opportunity…